by Nascent

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Nascent would like to thank:
Our families and friends whose support is both constant and invaluable, our buddies Etienne Tabib & Aaron Loveday as well as their families, Acle Kahney, Kevin Fernandes & Mainstage Entertainment, Rodrigo Hernandez & Nihiliste Booking, Cairn Tse-Lalonde, Steven De Sarno, Michael Martino, George Masganas, Andrew Arsenault, Of Temples, Cowboy Meets Pirate, Braebrook, all the bands we ever had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, anyone who contributed to this CD in any way that we may have forgotten about (our apologies) and, mostly, everyone who made our adventure possible by grabbing a CD, buying some merch, coming to any of our shows, listening to our music, giving us feedback and spreading the word about us, it means the world.

Charles would like to thank:
My Creator God for making me the way I am and laying down all those amazing opportunities before me, my father for being an inspiration as a musician and human being, I dedicate this album to you, my bandmates, Guillaume Mercier-Lacroix for being our “roadie”, Patrick McNeil and all of my friends who endured my insanities these past two years.

Apo would like to thank:
Matthew Dicker, Jawny Martino, and Big Mike for pretending my voice doesn’t suck, The Sophia Dres for being awesome, my family for all the support and Bast, for finding the reverb on the console at school, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you…

Tom would like to thank:
Catherine Sidorenko for all the support, my bandmates for sharing the awesome memories and everyone else who helped me get to where I am now.

Michael would like to thank:
Apo and Charles for mixing and writing the EP, Amelie Auger for supporting me and last but not least my bass, Fernandes.

Luca would like to thank:
The sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica for inspiring me to become a tribal percussionist.


released July 22, 2014

Vocals: Charles Laurier
Guitar/vocals: Apo Papadopoulos
Guitar: Tom Konidas
Bass: Michael Lapierre-Ouellette
Drums: Luca Belviso

Mixed by Apo Papadopoulos (White Lotus Audio)
Produced by Apo Papadopoulos and Charles Laurier (White Lotus Audio)
Mastered by Acle Kahney (4D Sounds)
Artwork & design by Steven De Sarno (Flux Studio)
Original art conception and sketches by George Masganas



all rights reserved


Nascent Montreal, Québec

We are a metal band from Montreal looking for opportunities to make, play and share with the world the music we have a passion for. Our style involves multiple elements from all kinds of heavy music, to name a few, progressive metal, deathcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, djent, hardcore, as well as including a few elements from other alternative styles such as post-rock. ... more

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Track Name: Plows Into Swords
Our march can't be stopped.
Right at our feet lies the legacy of countless generations,
It's ours to become the prophesied heroes.
Beyond our despair, beyond the ticking clock, beyond the dreams of our fathers; a world to conquer, a flame to carry.
We are the chosen ones.
''Even the weak must fight.''
''Make this annoucement among the nations;
Prepare for war, call your warriors,
Gather all your soldiers and march!''
Track Name: And our Lungs Exhaled our Sins (feat. Andrew Arsenault)
I've dug a graveyard in which to bury the faults of my brothers, a sanctuary of stone and silence where the hurt forgive and the ripped forget. Amongst the graves, a shrine bears your name.

From a distance I’ve been watching you grieving and mourning in anger, but I’ve seen better in you.

Aggression is boiling beneath your skin; I can see it burning you alive.

Is it all that you carry inside, blinding hatred?
Is it all that you strive for, spiteful vengeance?

Of all the things you’ve left behind, your anger should have been first.
This fortress you’ve built around yourself will soon show its breaches.

And I've been thinking (and I've been thinking) of the lies we told ourselves.
And I've been thinking (and I've been thinking) of the promises we've made (I believed in you).

I’m done with the war of silence; I’m no pawn on anyone’s board. This is my call to forgiveness, a demand at your feet but even on my knees I won't let the world break me.

As your eyes lose their fondness for all harmonious things, your heart grows colder.

Find the strength to entomb me; I am the end of your fury.
Bury me; let my gravestone stand as a monument of absolution.
Track Name: Anesidora (feat. Michael Martino)
I will watch you vanish with my dreams when liquid shrouds take you to sleep.
Lost in contemplation, a glass screen isolating me from my burdens.

I remember my walk in oblivion; chased by mutilated ghosts, I couldn't tell regret from anger on their ravaged faces.
“Come with us, we'll open Hades' doors and show you your temple. You've built it, engraved its cornerstone with our names.”

You fell down with my ideals, still I'm dying to see this wall turn into a ocean of mirrors; glass fragments sharpened as daggers.

I can hear the steps of my executioners approaching to deliver salvation.
The fire of their torches dances on the wall to the song carried on by their voices of revenge.

The time to reflect on our sins has passed by, and the time for hiding has come to an end.
In a moment we’ll be washed away by the waves of their wrath.
They say there is no place among them for murderers.

“Hunt him down. Make the coward watch her drown and hang him at the gates.”
Track Name: Mind-Projected Constellations
Track Name: Of Bloodshed and Waterfalls
What do you see in me that was worth the sacrifice you've made?
What is there left to save?
With a purpose still unclear, I set my eyes on the altar where died my selfishness, as I walk the path you've laid down before me.

Revival has never been closer.
Renew my vision, for my eyes forgot the colors with which we painted hope.
Free me from my flesh prison and teach me how to stand on broken legs.
I will stand strong by your side. I will stand strong.

Blood and water are what feed our seeds.
We are hungry and thirsty, our throats dry from your word.
We are those who seek essence and purpose and those whose cause will stand the test of time.
With a new heart, I emerge from the abyss the world has plunged me into and I proclaim:
"I am a free man, and I forever live above earthly fears."
I am free and I hold no fear.
I am free and my heart holds no fear.

I was born to live again, in a world with a desperate need for spiritual restoration.

As the sun rises over the children of the night, I contemplate a state of devastation.

I will not be crushed.
Cast away the weight of our sins, sanctify the souls of the worthless.
Under skies wide open, we walk down the path of atonement, paved with the remains of a past glory.
Ruin is the gift I received, my ascending way to rebirth.

We'll clean our slate from the blood of the martyrs, heal from the wounds of a guilt-ridden conscience.
Such cleansing comes with sacrifice, so we'll put to death our former selves.
Track Name: As Far as Three Weeks Can Tell
I can see the clouds coming down from the mountains to flood this desolated valley with the coldest waters.
These lands will drown. I wish you could grab my hand, but the walls are so high and your grip so weak.
I’ve heard your name in the growling thunder, like if the storm reclaimed your soul, but no force will take you from me.
Oh, please hold on to me.

It’s disheartening to see you fade.
I’ve never been there before.
I never thought I’d hear the call of home again.
This house has become filled with bittersweet resentment, its foundations shaken by the tides of change.

I am the receiver. I felt your pain through distorted signals, consuming me as all hope abandoned your thoughts, but as far as three weeks can tell, you could still be saved.

The windows are fissuring, soon there will be no escape.

Oh, how I wish I realized before.
My arms should have been open to you instead of pushing away the pressure of this situation.
We are lost, we are empty, with nothing to point the way home.
I’ll show you the meaning of true love.
Even in the absence of shelter we remain the shepherds of our hearts.

Where’s the way home?

I hope you find refuge on the high rocks and that the rain washes away the guilt.
I hope you find redemption and that we can still walk hand in hand when the valley will dry.
Same blood, same struggles.

And if you are to be taken away, may these waters bring you to where the sun never sleeps.
And if you are to be taken down, may these waters bring you to higher heights.

Drowning lands.